Have a picnic in the snow

Have a picnic in the

Nothing  better than having a picnic in the snow during a day of skiing. In addition to being an economical option, it is also the best way to eat in front of a breathtaking view, all in complete tranquility.

Why limit yourself to just a few picnics in the summer? By following a few rules, organizing a picnic in the snow will no longer hold any secrets for you! Put on your warmest ski jacket and hit the slopes with your friends. And don’t forget to fill your bag with the best local products!

When we think of picnics, we imagine the first sunny days of spring spent lounging in a park – the grass is green, the flowers are coming out of their buds.

Let us show you this from another angle. You’re staying in the Alps with your friends and family, and the morning session really whetted your appetite. All the restaurants are crowded, you even hear a hubbub from outside. A sense of relief suddenly hits you as you realize there is no need to get into this chaos. The sun is shining, your backpack is full of local specialties and you have already spotted the best spot on the estate for a picnic in the snow.

The triangle sandwiches, it’s really not the best! No matter where you are in the Alps (or other massifs), there are always many specialties to discover. Enjoy our good old freshly baked baguette with real Italian ham, Swiss cheese or Austrian sausage – and assume you can’t possibly be disappointed! Walk around the station to find the small shops frequented mainly by locals. It is generally in these shops that the products are the most authentic, they will transform your picnic into a real culinary experience on the slopes.

Keep in mind that you will have been skiing all morning, so make sure you only bring food that is easy to pack and more importantly, easy to transport. You also have to remember not to take foods that are too “liquid”, no one wants to get their beautiful brand new ski jacket dirty. Last point, don’t forget to pack beers or hot chocolate in your thermos depending on your plans for the rest of the day!

Make sure the sun is shining

Come on, that’s the easiest… Take a look out the window before hitting the slopes and leave your iPhone weather alone!

The picnic in the warm snow!

Basic observation, nobody likes to be cold and it is very important to dress well in the mountains. It’s even more so on sunny days, when the weather can suddenly change. You’ll also need an extra layer to get the most out of your picnic in the snow; when you stay still for too long, it’s quite effective!

Layer several layers under your ski jacket so you have more leeway to manage the temperature. It’s better to have too many and store them in your backpack rather than the other way around! In general, avoid wearing cotton on the slopes. Instead, invest in good merino wool and a technical sweater that will breathe well under your ski jacket. Now that you’ve made sure you’ll be snug for your picnic, it’s time to think about the most important accessory…your sunglasses! Being surrounded by a mountain covered in white snow can be hard on your little eyes. Protect them with a pair of goggles that will also help support your riding style!

 Find the perfect mountain spot

When you’re hitting the slopes in the morning, remember to always keep an eye on the sides to find the perfect spot for your picnic in the snow. We all have our preferences, but here are the three characteristics of our ideal corner:

The best spot should be relatively isolated so as not to disturb people on the slopes. It will also allow you to give a special atmosphere to your picnic in the snow because it increases the feeling of being one with nature. If you’re looking for a place with an amazing view, be even more careful in your search. These places are often well hidden and you have to be careful not to take too many risks by setting up there – it’s pretty, but the edge of the cliff is average.



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