How to Make Live Edge Furniture Last Longer?


Nothing compares to the classic appeal of live edge furniture when it comes to bringing a little bit of nature and a distinctive flair to your home décor. With its rustic charm, this furniture design brightens your living area and invites the real thing from nature inside.

Brazilian Lumber is an expert in tropical hardwoods and premium decking solutions. They recognize the importance of maintaining wood’s integrity and beauty. In this blog, we’ll provide some professional advice on how to make your live edge furniture last longer.

The following tips can help you maintain the look of your live edge tables:

Maintain Dryness

The most important thing to do while caring for live-edge wood is to keep it dry. If dampness causes swelling or cracking over time, it might cause serious structural damage. Moisture can lead to swelling or warping, which eventually causes cracking. If you don’t remove any moisture as quickly as possible by wiping down the surface with a dry towel and placing something on top to absorb excess water, you risk causing serious structural damage.

It’s an important tips for maintaining the live edge custom dining room tables.

Lightly Scrub

Steer clear of strong cleaners like ammonia or bleach, as they will harm the wood’s natural oils! Use a slightly moist cloth to wipe off live edge wood furniture and remove any dust or other accumulation. Avoid using water on your hardwood tables, as this may eventually cause the finish to bloat and break.

Put Sealers On

The top and sides of your live edge wood furniture are sealed. They can be sprayed on or used as a liquid, depending on desire. It may take some research to determine which type of sealer is best for you, but it’s imperative that you make your decision in advance. There are a ton of alternatives to choose from!

Put Wood Finish On

If you want, a dry oil finish coat should also be applied as frequently as once every two years to guard against spill-related moisture damage (which will occur). Reapplying the dry oils at least once a year makes it simple to touch up any cracks that can have developed from this kind of wear and tear. Compared to other finishes, this one offers a more natural appearance while still protecting your live edge dining room tables.

Use a Furniture Polisher

This will prolong its bright, new-looking appearance! Additionally, you may clean built-up dust or filth and restore the shine with oil-based furniture polish. However, be cautious when removing any surface liquids beforehand!

Place Coasters below Your Glasses

You might be placing you hot cup of coffee or other hot beverages on your live edge dining table! Live edge tables might get dents and scrapes that will detract from their overall beauty. Coasters shield your drink from damage and stop it from occurring!

Steer Clear Of Direct Sunshine

Keep your live edge out of direct sunlight, since this may eventually damage the top and cause it to bend or discolor. Live edge tables are exquisite objects that require special handling and defense! Exhibit them with pride and ensure that you are providing them with enough care!

Don’t Put Anything Sharp on It

Try not to put anything sharp, like keys or something with hot liquids in it, immediately on your furniture to prevent scratches or other surface damage. Instead, place these things next to your live edge wood furniture so they are completely away from it! If you have a live edge custom kitchen table, you should always use a protector before using a knife on it.

If You Want To Use the Furniture Outside, Give It a Buff

Preserving the rustic appearance of your live edge wood furniture is one of the most crucial maintenance jobs you can perform. The sealer that shields your outdoor patio or deck also shields your interior and outdoor living areas, preventing surface finish deterioration from environmental factors, including precipitation, sunlight, and plant development. Make sure to apply polyurethane to outdoor live edge wood furniture annually before winter arrives!


Live edge furniture is a natural element that adds coziness and genuineness to your living areas, making it more than simply a decorative piece. It is possible to guarantee that your live edge kitchen tables and dining tables will be as attractive and durable as the day you purchased it according to the care and preservation advice provided above by Pathway Tables.

Remember that good maintenance is the key to lifespan, whether of your preference for the organic appeal of live edge designs or the strength and beauty of tropical hardwoods. Accept these recommendations, and your live edge furniture’s classic elegance will continue to radiate for years to come.



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