Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach Discusses the Best Things to do for Couples in Saint Maarten

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Saint Maarten is a Caribbean island that is widely renowned for its lively nightlife, seemingly endless white sand beaches, fusion cuisine and duty-free shopping opportunities. People can easily plan their trip to this island with Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach, and spend their days relaxing on the soft sand, while admiring beautiful turquoise waters. Saint Maarten is a perfect destination for a couples getaway or honeymoon, allowing them to enjoy romantic dinners of locally sourced seafood, take scenic tours of the island, go snorkeling and diving together and more.

Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach marks some of the most romantic and fun things to do at Saint Maarten

A prominent beach destination and cruise port, Saint Maarten is among the most unique places in the Caribbean. This island is divided in half. While is northern part is known to be a French Collectivity, its southern half is actually a constituent country of the Netherlands. Overall, Saint Maarten has a good mix of fun and romantic things to do for couples, making it an ideal honeymoon spot. Here are a few of those things to do:

Explore life under the ocean: Some of the most popular activities at Saint Maarten involve the ocean and beaches. There are more than thirty beaches at the island with clear and calm waters, and provides great snorkeling opportunities in the bays. Couples can easily go snorkeling or scuba diving together to explore the life under the ocean. They may also try out jet skiing and other beach activities.

Take a Stroll through the town of Philipsburg: Saint Maarten is a prominent Caribbean cruise port, and most ships dock in the main city on the Dutch side which is Philipsburg. While this town can be pretty busy as a ship comes in, on the days when there are no cruise ships, couples can feel like they have the town almost to themselves.

There are many tiny restaurants and gift shops lining the main streets and the beach at Philipsburg where couples can spend quality time together. They may also find great bargains on high end jewelry at some of these stores.

Go plane spotting at Maho Beach: This famous beach borders the Princess Juliana Airport. It probably is the only place in the world where people can sit on the beach, while massive commercial jets fly low overhead while coming in for a landing. It can be a really cool and memorable thing to experience together for a couple. They would feel a strong gust as the jets depart and arrive at the small Princess Juliana International Airport on the island.

Visit the French town of Marigot: This city is the perfect place to spend a day exploring, shopping and go on dates at amazing French restaurants. Marigot is a charming city located just a short drive from the Dutch side, and has a very distinctive cultural, foreign feel to it.

Planning a trip to Saint Maarten with Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach can be a great idea for any couple. They would get to try out all the experiences mentioned above, as well as soak in stunning sceneries, including golden orange sunsets and glistening turquoise water, while spending time with their partner.



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