The best educational sites to teach English to children

educational sites to teach

Dear parents, if like us, you regularly strive to search the internet in search of the best educational sites to teach English to your children , here is something to relieve you: we share in this article our selection of sites which provide very beautiful resources for teaching English to young and old, and most are free , at least in part.

We will add to this list as we go along, the objective being to carefully select the sites whose content is for educational purposes and is worth using regularly, in order to progress over the long term. We present them to you by age group because the most difficult thing to keep your children motivated is to find attractive content that is well suited to their age.

If you want your child to progress faster or if it does not require support from you, you can schedule short weekly sessions with an online teacher, specialized in children , who will give him lessons on -measure.

The best educational sites for languages ​​for children up to 6-8 years old

Let’s start with a surprising site resulting from this original idea: children can learn a language even more effectively when their teachers are other children, natives of the language . Thus, through interactive videos, children learn English in a simple, intuitive and emotional way.

Videos of children who teach English to your children

The KOKORO lingua platform offers children aged 3 to 8 years old the opportunity to watch a weekly 10-15 minute video 3 to 5 times a week featuring English mother tongue children from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia or South Africa.

And it works ! Because the pedagogy is skilfully studied, it is based on the Montessori method and makes the most of “peer-to-peer” learning. Check out their site, watch the first videos which are free, you might be amazed at the results.

Children memorize up to 250 simple words and phrases each year that give them the confidence to start a basic conversation. They approach English lessons much more calmly and many are asking for more!

You can then subscribe to a subscription for 6 months or 1 or 2 years. For one year, for example, it costs €10.75 per month. We have dedicated an entire article to this method because we find it really innovative and very easy to use for parents who cannot teach their children English themselves. Read our KOKORO lingua review and what kids think about it here .

Test the first videos for free by clicking on the link below (this tells them that you discovered them thanks to our blog, and that gives us a boost).

A must with our American friends! In line with the famous series of the same name, Sesame Street is a site that offers varied and interactive content with the famous puppets: games, videos, songs and even cooking recipes for older children.

Sesame Street, a site to teach English to toddlers

Usable from an early age to introduce your children to English through music, Sesame Street can accompany and complete your children’s learning throughout primary school.

Its little extra: a wide variety of activities offered that will allow you to adapt the chosen content to the age and level of your child. And, of course, the fun side for the little ones is a great advantage thanks to the puppets in the series , which are as funny as they are endearing.


Very well known and highly appreciated, the Poisson Rouge site will be ideal for introducing your children to English through a multitude of games and activities. Indeed, more than 300 games and activities are offered to children: alphabet, vocabulary, music, creative arts, numbers / pre-math, etc. Moreover, Poisson Rouge does not limit its offer to English since it is available in 5 languages ​​in total : French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Children will enjoy exploring all the treasures available to them on this very colorful site. Playful, Poisson Rouge will allow them to progress without having the impression of working .


Starfall is a fun and colorful site that is designed for children from 0 to 8 years old. The site is divided into two sections: “Kindergarten and Pre-K” on one side, and “Grades 1, 2, 3” on the other. In the English school system , this corresponds to levels from kindergarten (and pre-kindergarten) to CE1 .

The educational site Starfall teaches English to children in kindergarten and elementary

The “Kindergarten & Pre-K” part offers many games and activities, mainly based on oral work and often in music . We appreciate the activity that allows children to learn the alphabet in sign language.

Activities in English for children in kindergarten on the educational site Starfall

The part for “Grades 1, 2, 3” offers slightly more concrete exercises while remaining very fun. Each class has a dedicated math section and English section. Children can also listen to stories and songs to familiarize themselves with English pronunciation and accent .

Games and exercises in English on Starfall

However, if Starfall claims to be designed for children up to 8 years old (CE2), it remains very childish with relatively simple graphics. The older ones might therefore not be receptive to the activities offered by the site.

Educational sites to teach English to children up to 13-14 years old

This site is great for teaching English to children. The British Council separates activities for children, teenagers and adults. Therefore, we do not get lost too much even if there is a good volume of games, videos and exercises to learn, listen and practice English .

Below is the footer of the Learn English Kids site to show you the range of topics covered. There are even tips for parents.



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