Revature Lists The Top Benefits of Apprenticeships in Tech

Apprenticeships in Tech

Apprenticeships have been a popular concept for generations. Even today, they are among the most dependable ways to start a career, especially when done through well-established companies like Revature. The demand for companies offering apprenticeships, where fresh graduates learn while earning money, has gone up over the years. The apprenticeship programs are especially popular among debt adverse students who do not want to get stuck paying a student loan for years.

Revature marks some of the most important advantages of tech apprenticeships

While apprenticeships can prove to be useful in almost any industry, they are particularly prominent in the tech landscape. After all, tech-related jobs require unique skills that one may learn with the help of practical lessons and from more experienced professionals in the field. Apprentices in tech earn money while still learning, instead of taking a full time course at the university. At the end of the apprenticeship program, these candidates come out skilled and ready to work.

There are many advantages of completing tech apprenticeships such as:

Get qualifications for the dream job: The biggest advantage of opting for tech apprenticeships is that it allows people to gain valuable, industry-relevant skills and gain the qualification required to succeed in the field. The cost for higher education keeps rising with every passing day. In this situation, opting for apprenticeships would be among the best ways to avoid getting burdened by expensive student loans. An apprenticeship is a good way to gain qualifications and expertise needed for a tech job, without having to pay any money.

Earn while learning: Apprenticeships not only eliminate the expenses associated with pursuing higher education, but allows people to actually earn money while they are learning. In many cases, skills and real-life experience matters more than educational qualification in the tech industry. Hence, not pursuing a traditional Bachelor’s Or Master’s degree will not hinder a person from being a successful tech professional, as long as they complete a good training or apprenticeship program through companies like Revature. It is a good way to learn new skills and get job experience, while meeting the living expenses independently. Wages paid to the apprentices depend on the nature of the job. They can be minimal at first, and increases as one gains experience.

Gain real work experience: Instead of simply reading theories on the book, apprentice actually gets the benefit of learning by watching industry professionals’ work. The hands-on experience provided by apprenticeship programs cannot be rivaled by any traditional university course. It is exceedingly common for employers to as for work experience during job interviews. Unlike a fresh graduate, an apprentice will actually have substantial evidence to show that they have experience in the field and can do the relevant duties perfectly. Their work experience will provide an apprentice an edge in the job market, and allow them to explore more lucrative opportunities than their peers.

During an apprenticeship, the employer or mentor try their best to provide constant support and guidance to the candidate. They may also provide valuable feedback that helps candidate to improve and become better at their job.



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