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Laminates to Create A Modern Kitchen

The dynamics of the kitchen are changing nowadays. Earlier, it was solely a space for cooking for the family; however, now its utilities have gone beyond that. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, people have been in their homes most of the time, experimenting or chit-chatting with family members in the kitchen.

So, although laminates have been in vogue for a while, the right set of decorative laminates has not caught the eyeballs of the consumer industry yet. This article will explore five decorative, affordable laminates that may be a perfect fit for a modern kitchen.

Laminates: A General Overview

Laminates are decorative materials that contribute to the aesthetics of a home. You can use them for a gamut of purposes, albeit mainly for surfacing walls, cabinets, modern facades, etc. They are one of the most sought-after surface materials used in home renovation, as well as revamping the kitchen of any home for that matter.

The material is available in the form of sheets. Further, you can use it either to give a facelift to your interiors or embellish your exteriors. It is a versatile product that caters to the needs of homeowners.

Laminates: Types and Specialties

Decorative laminates

This is perhaps the most common laminate that you have encountered. The composition of this paper is simple, using high-grade paper and cool resins. Manufactured with the aid of high-end technology, they are perfect for removing any uninvited stains or spots.

Decorative laminates are unique for their visual appeal, comprising patterns and a slew of textures. Apart from all these key features, they are a wonderful investment due to their durability and affordability. Moreover, it has wide applications in areas like kitchens, doors, etc.

Antibacterial laminates

These laminates are known for their ability to resist pathogens with a unique composition of special additives that make up their core. What is further irresistible about these laminates is their sheer antimicrobial coating, which makes your living space hygiene-proof. Mostly found in healthcare and spa centers, they are exceptional at putting up a front against malignant agents like termites.

Metallic laminates

Metallic laminates are exceptional at adding a shiny touch to your home, making it a modern abode to reside in. It subtly gives a metallic finish and accompanying luster to your home, highlighting the contemporary aura of your dream abode.

A small precaution has to be taken while installing metallic laminates. This top-quality laminate usually has sharp edges that have to be handled carefully when utilizing it. Besides that, their fire-resistant properties are curated for kitchen use.

Countertop laminates

These sorts of laminates are employed in kitchens and bathrooms. It looks like marble or slate and is a perfect surface layer that you can add to your kitchen countertop. Further, these laminates for the kitchenare available in a spectrum of colors for you to choose from.

Their affordability also makes them a suitable product to purchase earlier. Although it has a small life span in comparison to other laminates dominating the category, it still does a decent job concerning the aesthetic appeal.

Textured laminates

It is natural to feel perplexed about the best laminate for your kitchen or bathroom when there are so many options in the form of varied colors, textures, and proportions available. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, this laminate is perfect for you. It gives a wood or leather touch to your home and supplies it with a feeling of longevity and vitality.

Lauded for providing the right contrast designed to enrich your space, this laminate is a total game changer. A minor drawback of these laminates is their absorption of dust and dirt, although they can be removed by applying soapy water to the surface.

Revamping your kitchen can be a daunting task. However, with the right knowledge and expertise about laminates, you can easily opt for the perfect finish layer to adorn your living spaces. So, if you are wanting to make some quality laminate purchases, be sure to check out CenturyLaminates, as they are exclusively catered to the needs of customers.



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