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For some, video games are merely good past times, whereas others have found valuable life lessons hidden in the fictional world of gameplay. Interactive video games offer an immersive gaming experience that can help you forget the worries of the real world and at times, teach wonderful lessons. Here are some of the best interactive story games that have graced our gaming platforms over time.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a video game developed by Quantic Dream and released in 2018. It is a neo-noir thriller set in a futuristic Detroit where androids are commonplace and have gained autonomy. The game follows the lives of three androids: Connor, Kara, and Markus, as they navigate the complexities of being alive and the struggle for their freedom.

The game’s plot centers on the social and ethical implications of the advancement of artificial intelligence and the struggles that arise from it. It touches on themes such as discrimination, identity, and the nature of humanity itself. The game’s graphics and attention to detail create a captivating, immersive experience that draws players in and keeps them engaged.

Detroit: Become Human has received critical acclaim for its storytelling and narrative structure. It has been praised for its well-written characters, emotional depth, and thought-provoking themes. The game’s success has sparked discussions about artificial intelligence’s potential risks and benefits and the ethics of treating synthetic beings as sentient beings.

Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

Fahrenheit, also known as Indigo Prophecy, is a 2005 interactive drama video game developed by Quantic Dream. It follows the story of Lucas Kane, a man involved in a series of bizarre murders after committing a spontaneous act of violence. The game features a branching narrative structure, allowing players to make choices that affect the storyline and outcome of the game.

Fahrenheit received critical acclaim for its innovative storytelling, immersive gameplay, and unique blend of multiple genres, including action, adventure, and mystery. It was praised for its cinematic presentation, with high-quality graphics, music, and voice acting, which helped to create a truly immersive experience for players.

The game tackled themes such as free will, mental health, and the nature of consciousness and was praised for its ability to provoke thought and discussion around these issues. Fahrenheit was also notable for its use of quick-time events, which became a hallmark of Quantic Dream’s later games, such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. Fahrenheit contributes significantly to the interactive storytelling genre and a memorable player experience.


Firewatch is a 2016 first-person adventure game developed by Campo Santo. Set in the Wyoming wilderness, the game follows the story of Henry, a fire lookout who begins to experience strange occurrences in the forest. The game’s narrative structure is non-linear, allowing players to make choices that affect the story’s outcome.

Firewatch received critical acclaim for its beautiful, stylized graphics and compelling storytelling. The game’s themes of isolation, grief, and the human condition resonated with players and critics alike, making it one of the most well-received indie games of 2016.

The game’s voice acting, particularly that of Henry and his colleague Delilah, was praised for its realism and emotional depth. The relationship between Henry and Delilah, built through their conversations over a handheld radio, was also highlighted as a standout feature of the game.

Overall, Firewatch is a beautifully crafted game that offers players a unique, immersive experience. Its combination of stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and memorable characters make it a must-play for fans of the adventure game genre.

The Last of Us

The game takes place in a world that is struck by the apocalypse and where a fungal infection is on the loose. Zombie-like creatures, the infected, hunt for humans and take over their bodies. The story follows a smuggler named Joel and a young girl named Ellie, who is immune to the infection, as they travel across the United States for safety.

The Last of Us received critical acclaim for its storytelling, characters, and gameplay. The game’s emotional impact was particularly notable, with the relationship between Joel and Ellie drawing praise for its depth and authenticity.

The game’s mechanics, which blended stealth, survival, and action elements, were well received, with critics lauding the game’s strategic depth and tension-filled encounters. The game’s graphics and sound design were also praised, creating a haunting and immersive atmosphere. The Last of Us has since become a beloved classic and is considered one of the greatest video games ever made, with a passionate fan base and a sequel released in 2020.

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Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is a narrative-driven adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The game follows the story of Maxine Caulfield, a photography student who discovers she has the power to rewind time. The game’s narrative is built around Max’s choices and interactions with other characters, affecting the game’s story and multiple endings.

Life is Strange received critical acclaim for its storytelling, characters, and visuals. The game’s themes of friendship, loss, and self-discovery resonated with players and critics alike, and its emphasis on choice and consequence was highlighted as a standout feature.

The game’s time-rewind mechanic, which allowed players to explore different paths and outcomes, was also well-received, adding an extra layer of depth to the game’s narrative structure. The game’s soundtrack, which featured indie artists such as Syd Matters and Alt-J, was also praised for its emotional impact and contribution to the game’s atmosphere.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red developed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a 2015 action role-playing game set in a fantasy world based on Polish folklore. It revolves around Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter called a Witcher.

The game received critical acclaim for its plot, characters, and open-world design. The narrative of the game, based on the series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, was lauded by gamers and reviewers for its sophisticated themes and well-rounded characters.

Critics praised the game’s open-world structure, which enabled players to explore a vast and intricately detailed world. Environmental storytelling and meticulous attention to detail were also applauded. The game’s combat mechanics, which mixed swordplay, magic, and alchemy, were admired for their strategic complexity and depth. The Witcher 3 has gained a devoted fan base and several accolades, cementing its position as one of the best RPGs ever.

Final Thoughts

Interactive video games offer an immersive and engaging experience for players who value storytelling in gaming. From emotionally impactful narratives to thought-provoking themes, these games offer something for every type of gamer.

Whether you are a fan of choice-driven adventures or character-driven dramas, there’s a game out there. The titles on this list are just a few of the best interactive story video games showcasing narrative’s power in gaming.

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