How to choose a cooler bag?

cooler bag

Knowing how to choose a cooler bag is necessary in order not to incur unnecessary expenses. Discover all our tips…

How to choose a cooler bag?

While sales platforms are multiplying, some consumers continue to have difficulty choosing the right items. This phenomenon is explained by the diversity of the products sold, and by the fact that some do not know on what basis to make their choice. If you need a cooler bag, for example, you might wonder which one to choose. Knowing how to choose a cooler bag is necessary in order not to incur unnecessary expenses. We all have something in our closet that cost us a small fortune, but we never use it. So, to help you choose your storage bag, we give you some useful tips.

The criteria for choosing your insulated bag

Isothermal bags are intended for the transport and storage of fresh or frozen foods , and even certain pharmaceutical products. There are several types. Whatever the price of the item you wish to acquire, you should always be reassured to choose the one that suits you. Among the parameters to take into account when buying a cooler bag , we have:

The volume of the cooler bag

Do you need a cooler bag for small family outings ? For solo hikes or for anything else? In fact, knowing what activity you will need the bag for will let you know what size is right for you. Thus, there are small bags, but also larger items. If you are the head of a large family, it would be wiser to opt for a cooler . This will allow you to save as much food as possible for the whole tribe.

insulation capacity

The insulation capacity of cooler bags is the reason why one would love to buy such equipment. So what’s the point of having an insulated bag that can’t keep your food warm for more than an hour ? To be sure you have made the right choice, you must check the waterproofness of the bag, and the quality of the seams . Do not hesitate to read customer reviews about an item.

The resistance of the insulated bag

If you want to keep your cooler bag for years, you have to bet on quality . In general, manufacturers use the same technology to make storage bags . Nevertheless, some brands offer more durable and sophisticated products than others. Do not hesitate to pay a few euros more to obtain a resistant insulated bag with good insulation capacity .

The practicality

Is your bag easy to use ? If so, tell yourself that you made a good purchase. And if not, you can always buy a more practical model . When buying your insulated bag , you should favor models that are easy to open and have some storage space. It would be a plus for example if you manage to open your bag with one hand. By the way, your toddler should have no trouble doing it either.

The portability of the cooler bag

Often overlooked by some consumers , the portability of the cooler bag is essential. This criterion could indeed make you appreciate your insulated bag , or failing that, hate it completely. If we stick to this criterion, you will have the choice between:

the isothermal backpack : this model is ideal for hiking . It frees your hands and allows you to transport your food without constraints. That said, this type of bag is characterized by a small capacity.

the insulated shoulder bag : this insulated bag also offers a certain freedom to its owner , because it does not need to be held in the hand. It is also bulkier than the backpack. However, if the load is heavy, the person wearing the cooler bag can quickly feel discomfort in the shoulder.



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