The Dangerous and Lethal Effects of Alcohol in the Human Body


Alcohol can make someone appear happy, nice, and social for a short time, but drinking too much or too often over a long period of time can give rise to alcohol addiction or addiction, which is called an alcohol utilization disorder. Chronic alcohol consumption has been linked to other perceptual and mental health problems, such as trouble learning or remembering things. It can also make serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression worse or cause them.

Not only does alcohol affect the mind, but it also changes the body. Even if a person drinks within the recommended limits, there is evidence that it may increase their overall risk of dying from a number of causes, such as several types of cancer and some forms of heart disease. This article will help you understand how alcohol affects your body and answer many common questions about its short-term and long-term effects on the body.

What short-term effects alcohol has on the body?

When you drink even a small amount of liquor, a few things happen in your body:


Alcohol slows down the rate at which your brain uses chemicals and pathways to control your body. This makes you feel bad, slows down your reflexes, and throws you off balance. It can also make it hard to sleep, learn, and remember things.


Alcohol makes your heart beat faster and widens your blood vessels, which sends more blood to your skin and makes you feel warmer. But this heat leaves your body through your skin, so after your body temperature has gone up, it goes back down.


The stomach is the first place where alcohol is broken down. This makes the digestive juices work harder. Alcohol also irritates the small intestine and colon, where it is broken down and absorbed. It can also slow down the normal rate at which food moves through these organs, which can cause stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea.


Even though you could get hurt badly, these things could kill you. About 60% of drownings, burn injuries, and murders that end in death can be linked to alcohol. That’s why alcohol withdrawal is important. 50 percent of serious sexual assaults, traumas and 40 percent of deaths from car accidents, suicides, and other causes of death. Also, drinking alcohol during pregnancy often has serious and bad effects on both the mother and the baby.



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