Google Adwords sponsored referencing in real estate

referencing in real estate

As a real estate agent, you are faced with strong competition in your field of activity. The behavior of buyers and owner-sellers in relation to real estate and digital marketing has undergone changes that require you to adapt your real estate marketing strategy . Tools and techniques are constantly evolving. Faced with these observations, it becomes necessary to put all the chances on your side in order to make your real estate agency known and recognized. Stand out, establish your notoriety, accelerate your visibility, convert more prospects into customers. These specific objectives can be achieved thanks in particular to Google Adwords sponsored referencing. Web agency specializing in the real estate sector, we deliver the advantages of using SEA (Search Engine Advertising), a method intended to boost your performance, an effective advertising tool for a real estate agency.

Definition of Google Adwords sponsored referencing

The sponsored referencing is the complement of the actions carried out on your site and on the social networks in natural referencing. It acts as a real accelerator of these. Capable of attracting the greatest number of potential buyers or sellers to you very quickly, it uses two major vectors: positioning and placement. What your real estate agency will be able to derive valuable benefits from.

The positioning

Among a plethora of offers on the web, Internet users generally limit themselves to the search results that appear on the first line. It is therefore advisable to use the necessary means so that your website obtains a good positioning to reach the greatest number of Internet users possible. The ideal is to appear on the first page on the one hand, at the top of the list on the other.

Sponsored referencing consists of investing in the purchase of Google keywords, which will generate sponsored links by way of advertisement. The choice of these keywords and the way to exploit them will put your website in a better position. Thus, your prospects will see you appear before your competitors.

The choice of these keywords is the result of a sharp semantic analysis. The association of these keywords also turns out to be technical since the constraints evolve both with the market and Google algorithms.

The placement

SEO offers an alternative to positioning, it is placement. As its name suggests, it is about placing your company, its name, its specialties in the widest possible environment.

In fact, positioning engages Internet users looking for your specialty. Placement, on the other hand, is more widely invading the web. Indeed, it solicits the interest of Internet users according to their research whatever they are, thus interfering in the heart of their daily navigations, their centers of interest. Thus, the placement opens up an extremely vast horizon and allows you to hit targets that were difficult to reach until now.

Technically, it offers the possibility of using various formats (texts, images, videos, etc.) which reinforce the effectiveness of the media deployed as part of your content strategy.

How Sponsored SEO Works

Google Adwords sponsored referencing offers a range of solutions intended to cover all the objectives that you have set for your real estate agency. Improving your positioning (ranking) of your real estate site, and placing yourself in the daily life of your target prospect, comes down to using the marketing tools and solutions made available to you by Google. The latter gives you access to powerful platforms and partners such as the network of partner sites, and platforms such as google map, Gmail or Youtube. Adwords advertising is a great growth lever. Activating this lever is accessible via the use of two distinct networks: search and display, it will be necessary to choose a strategy among the different Google Adwords strategies available.

Google Search to attract a prospecting audience

The search, also called the search network, directly affects your positioning. It therefore brings you closer to Internet users in the prospecting phase, who are looking for services such as those offered in your real estate agency, as part of an immediate or future need. The publication of announcements via Google Ads, multiplies the effectiveness of your speech. Indeed, it gives you access to services developed by Google as well as search engines with which it is associated. These play the role of activators.


Google offers many services. For example, Google Chrome is one of the services offered and probably one of the most famous. However, there are a number of others that will relay your ads. These include, among others, Google Shopping and Google Maps, Google Image, etc.

Related search engines

Google works with different search engines to optimize the effectiveness of your Adwords advertising. As part of your campaigns, it is therefore possible to reach a wider audience of Internet users who use other search engines.

The display to increase your notoriety

The display, or content network, allows you to integrate the intimacy of a large audience through the distribution of textual or dynamic content. Whatever the searches carried out by an Internet user, your company will appear according to formats chosen and designed by your web agency. This form of advertising may nevertheless be targeted, in order to appear on selected media, in suitable formats, at the most opportune times.

The display is based:

On the one hand on the advertising agency Ad Sense, under the aegis of Google. This control on a network of sites which profit from a very strong on-line traffic.

On the other hand on YouTube, Gmail and Google’s partner mobile applications.

Google announces that it reaches more than 80% of Internet users on the globe thanks to its display network. It is a real guarantee of efficiency for any real estate agency in the development, creation or restructuring phase. Indeed, the display allows you to deploy your brand image to a very large audience, and to stand out in your market.



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